Welcome to our natural and art-rich hospitality. Our studio offers you a unique and complete accommodation in the greenery of Emmen city centre. The paintings will bring you a new perspective on the beauty of nature in detail and wideness.

Artz of nature

Exceptional paintings of the trivial nature which surrounds us, are now to be exclusively seen and enjoyed by those who are appreciating the value of nature and beauty of exclusive art.

In our guest-house residence, you can enjoy the quite luxury and and nature rich environment while engulf yourselves in the depth of the art experience.

The accomodation is centrally located in a natural and peaceful environment. Close to city centre, you can enjoy the prehistoric Hunebed forest of Emmen and find your way to regular facilities (shops, train station and hospital). 

A parking place is provided with car- and bike charging facilities.

Investing in Art & Nature

  • Artz of Nature provides an interesting opportunity for private investors and/or businesses to invest in modern art, while enjoying the purchase
  • Exclusive paintings can be added to your collection, tailor made and certified/ autographed by the artist himself.
  • Terms & conditions can shared by request via the contact form.

Visiting Artz of Nature

Enjoy paintings which enrich your experience. Our private facilities can provide a luxury and natural experience.

Nature gallery

Search and find your masterpiece of unique modern art that can bring you home into the natural environment that appeals to you. Be amazed by the technique which expands your experiences in nature.


Our newly designed studio offers you space, comfort and calmness in a beautiful wooded area near the city centre of Emmen. The art around you is unique and worth the investment!

About us

Artz of Nature is a unique concept that connects art and nature through comfortable and exclusive hospitality. Anne-Marie and Marnix started this initiative to offer you a special experience that you can also continue to enjoy at home by investing in a unique painting.

Who we are

Since 2020 Anne-Marie and Marnix are happy owners of this property and feel honored to welcome guest who appreciate nature and art, as this can bring people together.

Marnix has been acquainted with the artist Peter Rohs since he studied in Nijmegen and is happy to tell you all about the private art collection. Anne-Marie will be  honored to provide you the hospitality for guests who appreciate rest, nature and good company!

Book early with discount
Book early with discount